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Team Projects

DeltaBlade 2700 Re:Create

My Role: Gameplay Programmer

Custom C++ Engine

Competitive Local Multiplayer Action Platformer

Jan 2022 - Apr 2022

DeltaBlade 2700 Re:Create is a competitive local multiplayer platformer with fast-paced robot ninja sword combat and jetpacks, focusing on gameplay variety and user-created content.

I was brought onto the project halfway through as a gameplay programmer, after the game's engine and basic gameplay had been established. The goal for the second half of the project was to flesh the game out with additional game modes, user-created content features, and polish.

Over the course of the project, I implemented a "variety" game mode called Neo Deathmatch that features 11 different modifiers with unique and game-changing effects, a framework to facilitate the creation of more game modes, and some new combat interactions, such as projectile deflection, that improve the depth and strategic balance of the gameplay.

Parsec Wayfarer

My Role: Gameplay Programmer


Planet-Hopping Exploration Game

Sept 2021 - Dec 2021

Parsec Wayfarer is an exploration game where you pilot a planet-hopping spaceship through three small procedurally-generated galaxies to reach a mysterious green wormhole. The player moves by using the mouse to aim their trajectory and completing a simple rhythm-based challenge to maximize their accuracy, not unlike a game of golf. To traverse the levels and reach their goal, the player must use the gravity of the planets and stars around them to guide their path as they drift through space.

I implemented the logic for the player's movement and physics. I also wrote the game's procedural level generator, which uses noise generation and refinement techniques to create a random network of planets that is guaranteed to have a traversable path through the level while minimizing dead ends.

Chamomile Grove

My Role: Gameplay Programmer

Unreal Engine 4

3D Farming and Potion-Crafting Game

Sept 2020 - Apr 2021

Chamomile Grove is a laid-back farming/crafting game where the player takes the role of a witch who must farm ingredients, make potions with those ingredients, solve puzzles with those potions, and be rewarded with seeds for more ingredients.

I implemented the game's puzzle mechanics, including custom physics for pushable objects, wind currents that push objects and can be blocked by large obstacles, and moving platforms that the player can ride on. I also made an easy-to-use inventory system that allowed other team members to easily add and manipulate items using Unreal's UDataAsset interface.

Pogo Pirate

My Role: Engine Programmer

Custom C++ Engine

Always-Bouncing Peg Leg Platformer

Sept 2019 - Aug 2020

Pogo Pirate is a platformer where the player controls Captain Peggy Pogo, a pirate with a single peg leg that she is constantly bouncing on. The player must navigate through dangerous floating islands to collect coins and other treasures as they progress through the game's levels.

I implemented the game's Lua scripting system, which allowed designers to easily add new gameplay functionality without touching the game's C++-based engine. I also created a level editing pipeline that facilitated the transfer of levels created in the Tiled map editor to our engine's level format. Finally, I leveraged C++11 multithreading to allow for asynchronous asset loading while an animated loading screen plays between levels.

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